Q: What form of payment do you accept?

A: We accept all major credit and debt cards.

Q: Where do your orders ship from?

A: All orders ship from usa.

Q: How fast do you ship your products?

A: Average arrival time is 2-4 business days with delivery confirmation and tracking.

Q: Do the products actually contain the amount of chemicals they claim?

A: We make sure that each bottle contains a minimum of that concentration.

Q: Can you please modify my order to reflect the latest promo code

A: NO once an order is placed we will not modify it.

Q: How do you handle returns?

A: Please read our Return Policy

Q: Can you please tell me how to use your products?

A: NO sorry, First and foremost all of our products are sold for research purposes only and once again we are a supply company and research questions are beyond our scope of knowledge.

Q: Why did I receive an email stating that I’ve been banned and cannot place any orders?

A: If during communication there is a implication of human use or other actions that violate our terms and conditions you will be placed on our banned list and our system will block you and decline any future orders. Once a client has been placed on this list they cannot be removed.

Q: Do you sell these products for human consumption?

A: NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. Under no circumstance do we advocate the use of our products for human consumption and if we feel they are being used for an unintended use we will put the customer on a black list that is double checked before each purchase. Please refer to terms and conditions for more on this.